Jason Mevius

Marketing & Innovation Leader

(214) 924-7425
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Summary / Career Objective

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Successful product introduction is difficult to execute successfully. I develop products and solve customers’ tough problems with great teams – innovating and beating my competition to market with creative new offerings.

I have a proven record of leading cross-functional, agile teams to drive on-time, under-budget product launches that meet exacting customer demands in a constantly changing space. Specific expertise includes:

  • Product roadmap strategy

  • International team oversight

  • Product Life-cycle ownership

  • Program / Project Management

  • Customer relationship leadership

  • Market-integrated development

  • Phase Gate / Tollgate project cycles

  • Lean 6 Sigma integration

Professional Experience

2018 – Present

II-VI, Laser Enterprise Group

Product Line Manager, 3D Sensing
2018 – Present

Transitioned career from Engineering Leadership to Market Definition role; responsible for both growth and profit goals, roadmap and specification development, strategic account oversight, and global market strategy of VCSEL lasers.

  • PLM of new flagship product line; responsible for product scope, resource attainment, and roadmap execution. On-boarded two lead customers – projected $100M revenue over 5Y.
  • Successful mobile OEM component launch; produced packaged authentication VCSELs at a new offshore CM. Resolved legacy design issues, managed customer communications and expectations through final delivery.
  • Launched new VCSEL entry into automotive space; new in-cabin platform with 10-year planned development roadmap, 60%+ contribution margin. Successfully passed rigorous automotive qualifications and both internal and external audits with difficult customer.
  • AVL win in mobile OEM camera space – anticipated $10M in revenue; successful integration with 3rd party manufacturing partner. Transitioned existing product series to a service model to improve customer responsiveness and control margins.
  • Published EOL of complicated product series; managed customer needs without customer component interruption.
II-VI / Finisar Acquisition
Finisar acquired by II-VI

Acquisition Details, September 2019

Still incredibly early in the process of merging two business units with some overlap in products, markets, and specialities. Excited to see how the combined comapnies can impact 3D Sensing!

What is a VCSEL, anyways?
2013 – 2018

Eaton’s B-Line

Director of Engineering, Enclosures
2013 – 2018

Organize and lead the New Product Design (NPD) engineering, Engineer-to-Order (ETO), and Product Cost Reduction (VA/VE) functions to meet long-term business objectives.

  • Leads five domestic and international engineering departments controlling three product lines; responsible for all new product releases, cost-out activity, and sustaining engineering to support manufacturing.
  • Overhauled Engineer-to-Order process with standardized Six Sigma methods:
    • Reduced leadtime by 55%.
    • Increased sales 36% YOY to $4M in 2015.
    • Implemented quality gating system, improving first-time yields by 28%.
  • VA/VE material-reduction project leader – demonstrated history of aggressive cost-out philosophy:
    • $500K incremental bottom-line decrease in 2015
    • $750K in 2016
    • $920K in 2017
  • NPD champion, grew vitality sales ($35M sales, 29% growth) across four product lines.
  • Define multigenerational product roadmaps for evolution of decades-old consumer lines.
  • Executed DFM project to reduce 21% material and 38% labor cost on a $4M flagship line. 2 patents pending, 1 under review.
  • Developed and implemented tiered engineering career path ladders, succession plans, development plans, and organizational capability assessments.
2012 – 2013

Eaton’s B-Line

Value Engineering (VA/VE) Manager, Program Manager
2012 – 2013

Spearheaded material reduction projects with Supply Chain, Operations, Engineering, and Product Managers.

  • Established VA/VE team; implemented a change-based culture to long-dormant product lines.
  • Strategic oversight for $4.0M (3% COGS) annual reduction across seven production sites.
  • Lean 6 Sigma integration; reduced COGS 1.5% through labor efficiencies without sacrificing quality or leadtime.
  • Organized and presented financial projections models to Executive staff.
  • Key transition member during M&A process (my original employer, Cooper Industries was acquired by Eaton in 2013). Partnered with technical leads in other divisions to identify $2.4M in synergy cost-out projects.
  • Chaired action committee to evaluate low-performing manufacturing sites; performed deep-dive analysis to find inefficiencies. Average annual savings of $350K per location.
2003 – 2012

Emerson Regulator Technologies

Senior Design Engineer
2003 – 2012

Design lead for a global project team, responsible for consolidating pressure regulator products obtained through acquisitions with legacy products to form a unified platform for the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Executed 6 year initiative to reorganize product architecture for mid-tier platform.
  • Formulated the design and intellectual property (IP) process for new products resulting in 14 patents awarded.
  • Converted legacy offerings from 20 disparate designs to unified portfolio with 6 high-margin designs:
    • $21M increase in globally served markets
    • 63% supplier reduction
    • 54% component reduction
  • Led two Chinese design teams; mentoring, managing deliverables, driving consistent vision.
  • Performed complex FEA; eliminated tooling revisions, reduced time-to-market.
  • Presented product concepts in Design Reviews with peers, suppliers, and Executive leadership.
  • Verified new product releases with statistically controlled Pilot Runs; confirming sustainability.
2002 – 2003

Molex HPC

Design Engineer
2002 – 2003

Outsourced several flagship product lines to off-shore assembly houses. Responsible for the transfer of all processes, intellectual property, and on-site qualification of all manufacturing methods.

Implemented fail-safe methods to meet customer’s stringent expectations for aesthetics and quality.

1999 – 2002

Alcatel USA

Associate Design Engineer / Co-op Engineer
1999 – 2002

Responsible for designing circuit board assembly tooling; reduced both cycle time and handling defects.

Business models are too important to be left to the suits. If Engineers are going to make the best of their ideas, they must help develop that business model.

Innovation through Design Patents

Experience creating designs that differentiate, creating value to both the end-customer and the bottom line – 17 separate filings (domestic and international) in various stages of patent process.

All patent schematics from USPO website – freely available public information.


2015 – 2017

University of Texas at Dallas

M.S. & MBA, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2015 – 2017

UTD ranked #19 in Princeton Review for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2018!

UTD Campus
1997 – 2002

Southern Methodist University

BS in Mechanical Engineering
1997 – 2002

Minors: Computer Science / Mathematics

SMU Campus

Global Work Experience

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel the world for work – seeing things that would have been inaccessible to me otherwise. Meeting people in their office allows me to better understand their needs.

Team Mevius

I always try to remember to emphasize the effect that my family has on my work life – they enable me to pursue my professional passions. Also, they’re awesome…

Jason Mevius - Husband / Father


I enjoy cooking, missing golf putts, and making the perfect Old Fashioned.

In 2017, I finally learned how to successfully complete a Rubik’s Cube.

Jessica Mevius - Wife / Mother


We’ve been married since 2004 and things keep getting better.

She’s a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at her own company, Therapy Squared, and an inspirational wife & mother.

William Mevius - Son


Growing faster every day, learning more and more.

We build Legos, have (constant) light-saber battles, enjoy eating tacos, and love to be silly.

Charlie Mevius - Dog


Legal name: Princess Charlotte

Constantly chewing, yipping, and playing – super rascally, so much fun to have around. She thinks she’s a person.